Our Staff


  • 5+ years working as a security consultant for international organizations in high risk operations
  • 5+ years working experience within the surgical industry
  • 7+ years implementing Prosectra programs globally to the public, private and humanitarian sectors
  • 12+ years as a trainer of security and personal protection concepts
  • 30+ years training in combative arts, self-defense and combat sports

With over 15 years research into the mind of predatory individuals/predator processes and over 30 years training experience in various unarmed/armed forms of self-defense, Robert has developed his very own unique, effective and simple to learn security awareness courses both through eLearning and practical workshops.

His expertise in security awareness and self-protection has been called on by the likes of:

  • Various UN agencies and NGOs’
  • Private Security Companies
  • International schools
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Hollywood A-List celebrities
  • Olympic athletes

Training over 2000 individuals in various Prosectra courses since 2009, Robert is a self-motivated, versatile and professional trainer, with an excellent understanding – and hands-on experience – in developing, implementing and delivering specialized security awareness & self-protection training courses to the public, private and humanitarian sectors internationally. Now with extensive experience delivering to international organizations operating in high risk environments.

Clients including: UNHCR, UNDSS, UNICEF, WFP, ILO, ITU, Relief International, GiZ, OSCE, Cardno Emerging Markets, G4S and Vesper Group.

At Prosectra we can draw on a pool of expert trainers with vast field experience. We have enlisted instructors with proven operational experience from all over the globe to ensure quality control. We feel the most important skill of a trainer is to allow the trainees to discover and understand security, rather than being told “do it this way”.


 – 8 years as a humanitarian security trainer
 – 15 years in humanitarian security
 – Working experience from 40+ countries
 – PhD in Conflict Resolution
 – Hostage Negotiator



 – Fully qualified paramedic
 – Senior manager in UN system
 – 10+ years Humanitarian security training
 – NGO Security Advisor
 – Former hostage



 – 20+ years as humanitarian security officer
 – Experienced trainer
 – Security analyst
 – Security risk management




 – Psychologist
 – Specialist in survivors of violence and torture
 – Experience from hostage cases
 – Humanitarian worker