“In 27 years of UNHCR career, I don’t think I have ever heard such unanimous and enthusiastic endorsement by staff of a training programme offered by the organization.

It is a tribute to your professionalism and training skills as well as the deep understanding and sensitivity that you have of the dire security issues women face and that you demonstrated throughout this training.  It is extraordinary that 120 (out of a total 157 female staff members) signed up and undertook this training, in Ankara but also in all of our Field operations.  I call this a resounding success and it clearly shows its value and its relevance to our work here but also to our lives, here and elsewhere, as women.

I sincerely hope that UNHCR will continue to support the availability of such important trainings for its female staff.”

Pascale Moreau, UNHCR Representative Turkey UNHCR Ankara

First of all, I would like to commend Robert for organizing such a successful course, both the eLearning and the two group practical sessions which followed. Robert is a consummate security professional, yet he also has the sensitivity, tact and eloquence to deal handedly with a completely inexperienced female audience. Not for one moment during the training did I feel embarrassed, incapable or weak. Quite the contrary, Robert encouraged us all to feel empowered, perceptive and strong as individuals and as women. I particularly like the very gender-sensitive yet open way that he dealt with taboo issues regarding rape and sexual assault both in the eLearning course and in the practical exercises.
This is an excellent course which I highly recommend to women of all ages and backgrounds. I believe it should even be a requirement for those UN staff who travel to field locations (as is the case for Basic and Advanced Security in the Field eLearning courses), and should be integrated into our standard training workshops (Workshop on Emergency Management or WEM) for Emergency Response Teams (ERT).

Carolyn Wand, Senior Inspection Officer Inspector General’s Office (IGO) UNHCR Geneva

“Security for Women in organization of Prosectra is a great training for all female staff members. It makes us think in a way that prevents situations of heightened risk and provides tips and tools on how to help ourselves in dangerous situations. It made me realize that I have some dangerous habits that I should change. I would highly recommend this course to all female colleagues.”

Edina Dziho, UNHCR Turkey

“I believe this training was simply amazing. Through active participation, I never had one moment of boredom. The techniques we learned and practiced were so much fun and helpful. I never thought I would enjoy doing the actual physical part of the training, but that was the best! Plus, the videos that covered real life incidents had an impact on me in terms of recognizing the potential insecure environments and people, and how to act on it. Robert’s expertise and advice along with his friendly and positive approach made the training incredible and I hope to participate again!”


“I think that this course should be mandatory, and I wish we will receive such courses continually in Turkey.”

Chahinaz Andaloussi Vuranok, UNHCR Turkey

“When we were provided with the opportunity of taking a Women’s Self-protection course, I had thought ‘not yet another waste of time’ and was to be honest not hoping for much. When the training actually took place, I was totally thrilled with the experience! The facilitation was superb while all information and techniques provided were highly applicable to possible real life situations and hence very much useful and beneficial. I would definitely recommend this training to all women. Thank you.”

Asli Velieceoglu Yonca, UNHCR Turkey

I left this course feeling empowered and much more confident in my ability to keep myself safe after learning some incredible tactics and techniques. I’m sure there is much more to learn so I would hope there will be follow up courses in the future.

Louise Hunter, ITU Geneva

The training in Security for Women is an excellent initiative to raising awareness of personal security and safety. The course shows in a very compelling and engaging manner the many risks women can be exposed to and the various dangers they can face. The course explains very clearly how one should be more attentive of their surroundings and how one can manage fear. Mr. Robert Goris is not only a very pleasant person; he is an outstanding, experienced and highly responsible trainer. He has excellent knowledge of the subject and gets the message across well. The practical exercises of self-defense are remarkably well explained and demonstrated. It is a very powerful training!

Angelika Montillot, UNHCR Geneva

This course was so useful and took place in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

M.F.F., ITU Geneva

This course has given me the conviction that with specific knowledge, tactics and techniques it is possible to defend ourselves. The presentations and explanations in the eLearning course were really well done and professional. Thanks to Mr. Robert Goris.

Josefa Padilla, ITU Geneva

This is really an excellent course, well-designed and excellently taught. The sequence is good and complex human behavior is presented simply and clearly. Robert also has, very crucially, an unintimidating manner and is able to engage learners in subject matter and physical situations which could be awkward and uncomfortable. The course has definitely left me feeling more empowered. Thank you!

S. Das, UNHCR Geneva

Robert Goris is a great self-defense and security expert and a very professional and excellent trainer on self-protection for women. The training imparted by Mr. Goris was well planned, very clear to understand and showed valuable self-defense strategies/techniques. The eLearning pre-study course gave a lot of insight into security/situational awareness.

Maria Rodrigues, UNHCR Geneva

This was a highly professional course, well conducted and clear to understand. There were no ambiguities even in sometimes very delicate types of situations that could be quite uncomfortable for many women. Extremely helpful and useful, I recommend it to all women. Thank you Robert!

Ilijana Cvetkovic, ITU Geneva