New ‘Powerful Me Camp’ by Prosectra

New Kids Assertiveness, Resilience & Self-protection Camp by Prosectra. Thanks to everyone involved in the first ever Powerful Me Camp in Geneva, Switzerland. We all had such a fantastic week and I can’t wait for the next!


The Prosectra Academy for Kids BullyProof program was created entirely for KIDS and gives them skills that they can use NOW as kids! We will teach your child to respond appropriately to the unique challenges they face every day. Kids will learn to be aware of their surroundings, project confidence, set boundaries and trust their intuition.

We will teach your child how to de-escalate confrontations with bullies using verbal assertiveness and never to initiate any physical aggression. If physically attacked by a bully, children will learn specialized techniques to non-violently neutralize the attack and gain control of the situation.

To learn more about ‘Powerful Me’ please visit

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